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Clean Renewable Efficient Energy Source

How does solar work?

1. Solar Panels

The Sun provides a renewable source of clean, free energy

2. Inverters

Converts the solar energy from DC into AC, energy to power your business

3. Electric Meter

Measures your electricity usage and excess electricity generation, reducing your electric bill and earning you credits.

4. System Monitoring

Our systems are equipped with lifetime system monitoring, granting you access to the real-time status of your energy from your smart-phone, tablet or computer.


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Benefits of Solar ?

We’re able to offset expensive electricity prices because our solar panels produce energy much more efficiently than traditional utilities. You save money.

Rising Electric Rates

Use the clean, free energy from the sun to produce your own electricity and have peace of mind that your business will never be exposed to rising utility costs again.

Maintenance-Free Energy

Solar PV panels produce clean energy without the use of moving parts - no noise, no gearboxes, no belt drives, no turbines - making them virtually maintenance free.

Government Rebates & Tax Credits

Your business is eligible for a variety of incentives that can significantly offset your overall system costs, leaving you with more money to re-invest into your growing business.

Energy Security

Become energy independent by reducing your reliance on the grid so your business is less likely to experience blackouts and your operations can remain uninterrupted.

Green Business

Improve your reputation and generate more positive responses from environmentally responsible customers by showcasing your efforts to reduce your CO2 emissions and support green business.

Client Testimonials

It’s a No Brainer

“Ready Solar took care of all the details, and install took about a week. The workmanship was very good, and I am picky. They cleaned up after themselves and there wasn’t any reason for a call back. I’ve now been generating power for a month and couldn’t be happier. Great communication at all times from Ready Solar and they made it as easy as possible


Professional & Friendly

“We just had Ready Solar…install solar panels, car charger and upgrade the electric panel and had a great experience. Overwhelming but Sukh and his team made look easy. Efficient, clean look (I’m very particular about the look of my house), professional and really friendly. Customer service is top notch, any questions or concerns were always answered in a timely and clear manner. We are very happy…”


  • Very Happy to Have Solar Power on my Roof toI was impressed that Ready Solar used the latest [slimmer] and more efficient panels. All the electrical work seems to be very neat and tidy. I would highly recommend to get solar on your roof as it is very efficient and cost effective now with the $5000 rebate and Ready Solar came in and did a very nice job very quickly. They are a nice family run operation and I am grateful they helped me reduce my carbon

Bob, Langley

Are solar panels right for your business?

We have found that the best candidates for commercial solar panel systems and energy storage include organizations that:

1. Manage a portfolio of locations with large service area, good quality rooftops, or have available land close to the facility

2. Take pride in and prioritize offsetting energy consumption at the local level

3. See solar as a positive marketing opportunity

4. Want to save money on operating costs

5. Have a commitment to achieving sustainability objectives

6. Have large energy load requirements

Solar for Real Estate Developers

For real estate developers, solar can help move projects through the development permitting process quicker by showing your commitment to sustainability. Solar also offers an exceptional marketing opportunity that can help developments sell faster and gain more attention.

For purpose-built multi-unit rental buildings, the capitalization value on the common area savings now far outweighs the project cost, immediately adding value to your project.

We work with real estate developers end to end by consulting on best product solutions for your developments, system design and project installation.

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