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Clean Renewable Efficient Energy Source

How does solar work?

1. Solar Panels

The Sun provides a renewable source of clean, free energy

2. Inverters

Converts the solar energy from DC into AC, energy to power your business

3. Electric Meter

Measures your electricity usage and excess electricity generation, reducing your electric bill and earning you credits.

4. System Monitoring

Our systems are equipped with lifetime system monitoring, granting you access to the real-time status of your energy from your smart-phone, tablet or computer.


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Benefits of Solar ?

We’re able to offset expensive electricity prices because our solar panels produce energy much more efficiently than traditional utilities. You save money.

Rising Electric Rates

Use the clean, free energy from the sun to produce your own electricity and have peace of mind that your business will never be exposed to rising utility costs again.

Maintenance-Free Energy

Solar PV panels produce clean energy without the use of moving parts - no noise, no gearboxes, no belt drives, no turbines - making them virtually maintenance free.

Government Rebates & Tax Credits

Your business is eligible for a variety of incentives that can significantly offset your overall system costs, leaving you with more money to re-invest into your growing business.

Energy Security

Become energy independent by reducing your reliance on the grid so your business is less likely to experience blackouts and your operations can remain uninterrupted.

Green Business

Improve your reputation and generate more positive responses from environmentally responsible customers by showcasing your efforts to reduce your CO2 emissions and support green business.
Based on 53 reviews
Ryan Sizto
Ryan Sizto
Sukh and his team helped me upgrade my power and install an ev charger. I could not be happier I went with them. Their work was fast and neat and their pricing was competitive. I had gotten quotes from other companies and Sukh was the the most responsive. Other electiecians wouldn't get back to me for a week, but anytime I messaged Sukh he responded almost immediately. Another thing that stood out was that I didn't have to do anything. Sukh took care of the backend stuff as well that other companies said I had to do ie. Apply for upgrade with bchydo and fill out form. He took care of all of that for me. Process was very smooth. I would 100% recommend.
Doug Cline
Doug Cline
Ready Solar did a great job of upgrading my underground 100 Amp service to 200, installing a new distribution panel, installing a 26 panel solar system on my new Interlock roof and wiring and providing the inverter, and fast disconnect for islanding and reverse power protection. Have a look at the overhead picture, wiring is all done through 3 hidden boxes through the attic to a vertical conduit by the Hydro meter. The inverter panel in the carport has room for a future vehicle charger and/or battery set. Coordination with the roofer insured proper mounting of the rail support for the solar cells through roof connection boxes. The pricing was competitive and inclusive. Permits, inspections all taken care of. All done in a 3 month window!
Austin Davies
Austin Davies
These guys are amazing! Even replaced a cracked solar panel a year later! From start to finish excellent pricing and service!
Bayne L. Vardy.
Bayne L. Vardy.
An absolutely amazing experience from start to finish. The job was installed professionally and passed inspection without a single glitch. The staff are super friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The solar panels were installed with precision and fine detail and were installed on time and on budget. Ready Solar were the only company I could find to install the solar panels on a concrete tiled roof. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to friends and family. Well done Paul and well done to your entire team for a great job.
Duke Nguyen
Duke Nguyen
I recently had the pleasure of working with Ready Solar, and I must say, my experience has been nothing short of exceptional. From start to finish, their team demonstrated a level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication that truly set them apart. First and foremost, their knowledge of solar energy systems is remarkable. They took the time to thoroughly assess my energy needs and provided me with a customized solar solution that perfectly aligned with my requirements. Not only did they explain the entire process in a clear and understandable manner, but they also answered all my questions with patience and in-depth insights. The installation process itself was smooth and efficient. The Ready Solar team displayed a high level of technical proficiency, ensuring that every aspect of the system was installed correctly and optimally. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality left me feeling confident that I had made the right choice. What truly impressed me, though, was their post-installation support. They didn't just install the system and leave – they have been readily available for any follow-up questions and assistance I needed. Their commitment to ensuring the ongoing success and performance of my solar system speaks volumes about their dedication to customer satisfaction. In a world where environmental responsibility is crucial, Ready Solar's commitment to clean and sustainable energy solutions is commendable. Not only have they helped me reduce my carbon footprint, but they have also provided me with a reliable and cost-effective energy source. I wholeheartedly recommend Ready Solar to anyone seeking a top-notch solar energy partner. Their expertise, professionalism, and genuine passion for sustainable energy make them a standout choice. With Ready Solar, you're not just getting a solar system – you're getting a partner in your journey towards a greener and more sustainable future. Kudos to the Ready Solar team for their outstanding service and for making a positive impact on our planet! #SolarSolutions #SustainableEnergy #ReadySolarExcellence
Cham Dulai
Cham Dulai
Sukhi & the guys were very professional and took the time to explain step by step on process of the whole system. The whole experience was informative and smooth. Thank you to all the crew for thier hard work.
Harry Baum
Harry Baum
I was very impressed with the service and installation of our solar. Sukhpaul was very diligent in explaining the process and helping in every stage of the process, from applying for grants and loans through setting up monitoring of the system. I had some special requests that he gladly accommodated. Every one of his crew were polite and conscientious. They "booted" up when they came into the house and kept our site clean. Their installation was neat. If there was even the slightest delay in the schedule, we were informed well ahead of time. Communication from them was exceptional. I have just undergone a major renovation and have had to deal with many trades in the process, and I can say without reservation that Ready Solar excelled in their service and delivery. Other trades I had on site at the time commented unsolicited how impressed they were with the install. The timeline for installation was much quicker than other quote I received. One general comment - this industry is relatively new and evolving quickly. Changes happen quickly on the tech side and regulatory side. Be prepared for potential confusion and changes. In the few weeks from quote to implementation of the project, there were several changes that occurred in the area of grants that we had to navigate through. This was a learning process not only for us but for Sukhpaul and the outcome is still somewhat unclear because of lack of information. This is the nature of a constantly and rapidly evolving industry. Sukhpaul is passionate about what he does and it shows.
VAUS - Vancouver AutoCAD Users Society
VAUS - Vancouver AutoCAD Users Society
I've been doing Drafting services for 45 years. And now I'm working doing Autocad Permit Drawings with Ready Solar Energy. I'm looking into investing into a Solar Panel Patio Deck Cover. I highly recomend Ready Solar... Bob Boel of CAD IN MOTION
Depinder Minhas
Depinder Minhas
Sukh and his team did an amazing job in getting the Solar Panels installed at my house. I was a bit concerned in the beginning as my house had a flat roof, however Sukh was able to answer all my questions and explained in details on how the installation would happen for this complex task. Everything from the solar panels to the electrical work and sub panel install was done to perfection. We installed a 5.5KW system and could not have been happier with the results. Have generated over 500 KWH this month alone with a week still left. Sukh is very responsive when ever I had to reach out to him with any questions. Great job guys.
paul Biling
paul Biling
Wow these guys just showed up after 2 years to check on the solar system and installed a new conduit in some place I had no problem clue about. Didn't expect that at all. Thank you Ready Solar.

Are solar panels right for your business?

We have found that the best candidates for commercial solar panel systems and energy storage include organizations that:

1. Manage a portfolio of locations with large service area, good quality rooftops, or have available land close to the facility

2. Take pride in and prioritize offsetting energy consumption at the local level

3. See solar as a positive marketing opportunity

4. Want to save money on operating costs

5. Have a commitment to achieving sustainability objectives

6. Have large energy load requirements

Solar for Real Estate Developers

For real estate developers, solar can help move projects through the development permitting process quicker by showing your commitment to sustainability. Solar also offers an exceptional marketing opportunity that can help developments sell faster and gain more attention.

For purpose-built multi-unit rental buildings, the capitalization value on the common area savings now far outweighs the project cost, immediately adding value to your project.

We work with real estate developers end to end by consulting on best product solutions for your developments, system design and project installation.

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